5 Ways Having an MBA Makes You Awesome at Life

Having an MBA is like being part of a secret society. There’s no initiation ceremony, no wildly anachronistic costumes, and no secret handshake. But for the rest of your life, whenever you meet another MBA you will be able to exchange knowing looks that say, “I know where you’ve been, friend.” Continue reading


The Lost Art of Relaxation

It’s the last day of my epic post-MBA vacation. Tomorrow I return to the world of commuting, endless meetings, and regular paychecks. Right now I’m sad to see it end, but my leisure time and I haven’t always been on such comfortable terms.

Right after graduation, I was thrilled to finally have nothing to do. No homework, no meetings, no sitting in rush hour traffic for 2-3 hours a day. Did I mention no homework? This was the honeymoon stage. I slept in too late, ate luxuriously, and watched lots of bad TV. I rolled around in my vacation freedom like a dog in something particularly smelly. That’s kind of a gross metaphor, but you get the idea. Continue reading

The Delicious, Delicious End of an Era

It’s done. I’m officially an MBA.

I know I’m an MBA because I’ve suddenly become a celebrity. The Alumni Association is knocking down my door. Recruiters can’t get enough of me on LinkedIn. Even the dean of the business school wants to meet me and shake my hand. Granted, it was Commencement and he shook everyone’s hand, but I’m convinced that I got the firmest grip. Continue reading

Good Habit/Bad Habit: Why B-School is a Great Time for Change

Marketers love babies. They also love weddings, divorces, graduations, retirements and first homes. That’s because major life events are some of the few times when people change their consumption patterns in extreme ways. Johnny’s first job? Swap out the Axe for Armani Code. First home? Someone’s about to spend a lot of money at Crate & Barrel. Baby on the way? Marketers everywhere just started salivating. Continue reading

Tidying Up, An MBA Wardrobe Retrospective

It’s Spring Break this week, and I’m on a serious cleaning kick. With a cross-state move coming up in less than four months, it’s all about minimization. Clothing, papers, kitchen gadgets, toiletries–anything superfluous has been trashed or donated to Goodwill. My cupboards and closets look downright bare, like I should toss them a towel for modesty. Continue reading

The Easy Part

I’m 72 days away from graduation.

What?!   says my shocked brain. That can’t be right. You must have forgotten to carry the one or something. Did you factor in the time value of money? What interest rate did you use? You know you’re not great with numbers. Can you check with one of the Finance majors to make sure?

Uh, yes, Brain, I’m sure. And I passed all my quant classes, thank you very much. Continue reading