Tidying Up, An MBA Wardrobe Retrospective

It’s Spring Break this week, and I’m on a serious cleaning kick. With a cross-state move coming up in less than four months, it’s all about minimization. Clothing, papers, kitchen gadgets, toiletries–anything superfluous has been trashed or donated to Goodwill. My cupboards and closets look downright bare, like I should toss them a towel for modesty. Continue reading


A Little Less Casual, A Lot More Business

Happy Almost-Fourth! I hope you are celebrating with barbeque and beer, rather than frantically shoving things in boxes, scrubbing your bathroom, and trying to remember where you packed your clean underwear. Hey, did I mention that I’m moving this weekend?

Planning a cross-state move is not exactly conducive to a relaxed state of mind, so I have been treating my stress with a heavy dose of retail therapy. I mean, what girl could resist using business school as an excuse to update her wardrobe? Certainly not this one. So imagine my delight when I got a request to blog about that very topic. (Thanks Kristina!)

I was wondering about Orientation outfits. My orientation, like most, is business-casual.

I was hoping you could do a post about what you’re planning on wearing, what’s appropriate and what’s not, and highlight how to dress business-casual in the heat! Continue reading