BTW, here’s the ROI on my MBA

When I first told my mom I wanted to go to grad school, she got a pained expression on her face.

“But you’re going to be in so much debt!”

What could I say? It was true. From a purely short-term perspective, getting an MBA looked really scary. I was losing two years of income while accumulating more debt than most people ever carry aside from their mortgage. There were a lot of reasons not to go back to school, and I couldn’t be sure that the benefits would outweigh the costs. Continue reading


5 Ways Having an MBA Makes You Awesome at Life

Having an MBA is like being part of a secret society. There’s no initiation ceremony, no wildly anachronistic costumes, and no secret handshake. But for the rest of your life, whenever you meet another MBA you will be able to exchange knowing looks that say, “I know where you’ve been, friend.” Continue reading

Paying for your MBA, aka the Shivering Checkbook

Anyone else having severe anxiety about paying for their MBA?

I managed to avoid thinking about it through the entire application process, brushing off my parents’ worried comments and reminding myself of the fat paycheck awaiting me after graduation. Besides, what was the point of worrying about money during the application process? Nothing douses enthusiasm faster than $150,000 worth of debt, and I needed all the enthusiasm I could muster. Continue reading