Look Ma, I’m Famous! Part 2

This week I chatted with Accepted.com about my b-school experience–the highs, the lows, and the flying trapeze lessons (true story). Continue reading


The Delicious, Delicious End of an Era

It’s done. I’m officially an MBA.

I know I’m an MBA because I’ve suddenly become a celebrity. The Alumni Association is knocking down my door. Recruiters can’t get enough of me on LinkedIn. Even the dean of the business school wants to meet me and shake my hand. Granted, it was Commencement and he shook everyone’s hand, but I’m convinced that I got the firmest grip. Continue reading

The Easy Part

I’m 72 days away from graduation.

What?!   says my shocked brain. That can’t be right. You must have forgotten to carry the one or something. Did you factor in the time value of money? What interest rate did you use? You know you’re not great with numbers. Can you check with one of the Finance majors to make sure?

Uh, yes, Brain, I’m sure. And I passed all my quant classes, thank you very much. Continue reading


Last year, I remember thinking that the second year MBAs were really lazy. They showed up unprepared to class, took long weekends to travel, and were always the last ones to complete their section of any group project. Meanwhile, I was wound up tighter than the girdle on a Baptist minister’s wife at an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast Continue reading

10 Must-Have MBA Tech Tools

We’re approaching that special time of year when the incoming class of 2016 will don their book bags, sharpen their #2 pencils, and open those squeaky clean textbooks for the first time. They will be attempting the horrific and terrifying: Going back to school after three or more years in the workforce. Instead of happy hours and video games after work, they will be chin deep in case studies and spreadsheet analysis. Leisurely coffee chats will turn into 30 seconds of hurried conversation on the stairwell. Hitting the gym will become hitting the pillow at 3:00am. Life as they know it is about to change. Continue reading

It’s Good to be a Second Year

I have been a severely negligent blogger over the past year, and I accept that. Acceptance is Step One. I think Step Two is eating ice cream and watching an entire season of Game of Thrones in one sitting. If that’s true then I’m on to Step Three, which I believe involves drinking a cocktail with your MBA friends while blithely throwing around words like “ROI,” “arbitrage,” and “white space” while strangers around you roll their eyes in disgust. Continue reading