The Easy Part

I’m 72 days away from graduation.

What?!   says my shocked brain. That can’t be right. You must have forgotten to carry the one or something. Did you factor in the time value of money? What interest rate did you use? You know you’re not great with numbers. Can you check with one of the Finance majors to make sure?

Uh, yes, Brain, I’m sure. And I passed all my quant classes, thank you very much.

72 days. That’s 10.3 weeks, 2.4 months, or 0.2 years. No matter how you slice it, two years of business school has slipped away from me like the formula for WACC right before a big exam. I thought that once I got to this point everything would be easy. I’ve done the case competitions, the volunteering, the student clubs. I’ve gone to Industry Nights and Career Nights and so many company info sessions I’ve lost count. I’ve taken all the right classes, even ones I later regretted (“Applied Time Series Analysis for Forecasting,” I’m looking at you). I even managed to convert my summer internship into a full time job. So where’s my reward? When do I get to spend my weekends sipping Mai Tais on the beach while a chiseled lifeguard rubs my feet? When does the Easy Part begin?

I think you can see where this is going. There is no easy part. Business school is just hard.

B-School: Doing it right.

If business school wasn’t hard, there would be no point in going. How else are you going to have a life-changing, memory-making, character-building experience? If I didn’t feel this low-level sense of panic, or the constant urge to check my email, or the slow burn of upcoming deadlines that I haven’t started preparing for, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy laughing with my new friends, or exploring LA, or getting to meet C-suite executives who wouldn’t give me the time of day if I wasn’t a student. It means I won’t have any regrets when I return to the working world and my universe shrinks to the size of my office, my apartment, and the few extracurriculars I manage to fit into the weekend hours. If business school feels hard and often soul-crushing and sometimes exhilarating and always interesting, it means I’m doing it right.

So go forth, my fellow MBAs. If you’re currently in business school or looking forward to starting in the fall, don’t be afraid of doing things that are hard. If you’re making the most of your experience, there won’t be an Easy Part.


5 thoughts on “The Easy Part

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hey B-school girl, now that you’re on your way out, did you ever figure out the best burrito in LA? (“Last Days of Freedom” post.)

  2. CMA says:

    I’m a grad student in applied time series forecasting right now. I could see how it’d be a struggle for someone who hadn’t taken a ton of stats courses(fortunately for myself, I have). I kind of smirked when I read your remark

      • Chris Mike says:

        I took around 10 courses in stats and econometrics in undergrad and work in a field which draws heavily upon mathematics, computer science and the like. I actually enjoy the theory bits of it and geek out with the professor discussing such things… as long as I don’t have to be graded on my ability to derive equations it’s all good. I’m a very good autodidact but a very poor student.

        Hope the post MBA life has been amazing, I’m going for a top MBA in a few years.

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