World’s Most Expensive Vacation

While trolling the Class of 2015 Facebook group, I was surprised at how many of my future classmates are planning to take elaborate international vacations before school starts.

“Hey guys, is anyone interested in doing some traveling this summer?”

“Already bought my ticket to Barcelona.”

“Thinking about a tour of Asia.”

“Already in Beijing. Hit me up if you’re there too.”

“Fiji, here I come!”

“Email me the deets!”

“Heard that flights to Polabumaniastan are cheap right now!”

(That last one, in case you were wondering, is not a real place. I know…what?)

Hey, I’m all for traveling and I never turn down a vacation, but I’m a little amazed that no one seems to be concerned about their finances. It’s not like we’re all about to quit our jobs in a month and have to part with more money than we’ve probably seen in our entire lives. So I’ve come to the conclusion that either (a) my classmates make a lot more money than I do, (b) they’ve all got huge scholarships and business school is going to cost them nothing, or (c) Mommy and Daddy are footing the bill. I guess there’s a fourth option, (d), which is that they are just not very smart with their money and are blowing half their savings on an around-the-world tour while planning to make up the difference with student loans. If that’s the case…well, to each his own.

The best part is that b-school is supposed to be a solid two years of mixers, networking events, tailgate parties, shindigs, keggers, and hootenannies. So who needs a vacation? We’re about to embark on the most expensive holiday money can buy.

I should probably mention that as I write this I am sitting on a beach in Mexico with a drink in my hand. But you know what? I don’t feel bad. I planned this vacation before I even knew I’d been accepted to Marshall, therefore it doesn’t count as an improper use of my finances.

I like how my logic applies only to myself. Isn’t that convenient?

Gotta go now. I only have one hand to type with and this margarita is getting the keyboard all sticky.


2 thoughts on “World’s Most Expensive Vacation

  1. Timbob says:

    I find that its highly important to reward and recognise every step along the way to admission to business school, to provide that extra motivation. And so, I found myself with an extraordinary hangover the day after my GMAT exam. Champagne all round!

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