Spring Cleaning

My shopping spree over the past few months has my closet brimming with fashionable work wear, but all those new blazers and blouses are pushing storage space to the limit. It’s that time of year I simultaneously love and despise: Spring Cleaning. There’s nothing better than a freshly purged, cleaned, and organized living space, but nothing more painful than parting with your stuff. I’m not a pack rat per se, but I can’t stand getting rid of things I might have a use for in the future. It’s not hoarding, it’s being resourceful, she tells herself.

Guitar with business booksThis year I have a great incentive to purge as much as possible before my cross-state move in just a few months. But what to keep and what to toss?

Some things are easy. Old clothes, sheets, and towels go to the thrift store. Holey shoes go into the trash. Excess papers go into the shredder. Feeling better already!

But what about my growing collection of books? Some are favorites, some are business-related, and some I haven’t read yet. Hmm, those will stay for now. And those scrapbook supplies I’ve been collecting? Too expensive to purge. What about that box of blank CDs, DVDs and cases? What if all my flash drives die and I need to burn a class presentation onto a disc? Is my resourcefulness bordering on paranoia?

I step back and breath deeply. Perhaps the best way to approach this is from a practical standpoint – keep the things I will need for the next two years, and no more. That guitar I borrowed five years ago because I wanted to learn how to play should probably go back to its owner. I won’t have much time to sleep, much less learn the chords to “Free Fallin’.” My collection of sewing supplies can probably go into storage at my parents’ house. Furniture I don’t love can get listed on Craigslist – I’ll hit IKEA once I’m settled into my new place.

Tired and overwhelmed, I flop back onto my bed and survey the mess I’ve made of my room. Not sure if I’ve made new space so much as just moved stuff around. But I’ve only got three more months to conquer my clutter, so hopefully after another few sessions like this I’ll be able to find the floor of my closet.

Got any tips for Spring Cleaning?


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