The Exciting Conclusion

The past week has been such a blur that I completely forgot to blog about Dream School’s decision. I know, what a tease. I left you with a cliffhanger and then pulled the show off the air. Sorry folks, tune in next season for the stunning conclusion! Who pulled the trigger? Was it Dream School? Second-Choice School? Or a secret, unnamed mystery school we’ve never mentioned until just now??

Just kidding. I’m not leaving you in suspense because I totally want to brag.


At this moment I need to pause and do some deep breathing because just reading those words makes me hyperventilate a little.

I can’t even describe the feeling. After applying two years in a row, getting waitlisted both times, and finally having to wait an extra round for my decision, I could hardly believe that I was actually reading the words, “Congratulations on your acceptance.” I had to run out of the office to get some air. I called my boyfriend, who probably thought something terrible had happened because I couldn’t keep my voice from wavering. I cried a little. And the best part of it wasn’t even the acceptance, though that was particularly sweet. It was the sudden rush of certainty after dealing in “maybes” and “what ifs” for so long.

Aw yeah, it feels good.

The feeling is so awesome that I don’t yet care about the $2,500 deposit I have to fork over, or the money I’ll have to spend flying down for Admit Weekend. I don’t care about searching for a new apartment, breaking my lease, or planning a 350-mile move to an unfamiliar city. After the past year and a half, all of that seems totally manageable.

I’ve heard that getting into an MBA program can be harder than actually earning the degree, but maybe it’s all a matter of perception. After the beating we’ve taken to get into our dream school of choice, things just don’t seem so daunting anymore. Interviews? Been there, done that. Networking? Piece of cake. Writing that deposit check? Just another drop in the bucket.

For those who felt the cold slap of a ding or found themselves in waitlist purgatory, don’t give up hope. I came back from a very dark year and so can you. (In fact, if you want to talk about how I did it, head on over to the Contact page and drop me a line.) For those still waiting for a decision, my fingers are crossed for you.

And to my fellow class of 2015….CONGRATULATIONS!!! Let’s do this!!!


4 thoughts on “The Exciting Conclusion

  1. onwardmba says:

    Congrats!! You are in for a lot of changes, tons of opportunities and a really fun time, I’m sure! Don’t forget to keep us in the loop, though πŸ™‚

    • bschoolgirl says:

      Thanks onwardmba!!! I’m totally stoked, though pretty overwhelmed by all the things I have to do in the next few months. I’ll be sure to make time for blogging though. πŸ˜‰

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